Sheringham & District Branch, The Royal British Legion - War Memorial

Sheringham has a thriving branch of the Royal British Legion and annually, Sheringham hosts one of the largest Remembrance Day Parades.  It is a true community event, which reflects the backbone of the town and contingents from the youngest Beavers and Brownies through to the Oldest War Veterans, Coastguard, Lifeboatmen, ACF, Sea Scouts all take part in the parade and more attend each year.

We form up at Cremer Street and march off at around 10.30am, parading up Co-operative street, left onto the High street, on to Church Street, turning right at St Peter's Church and up to the War Memorial.  Some years ago we reinstated the tradition of reading the names on the War Memorial during the service.  Normally this is done by the younger members of our community, Brownies, Scouts or Cadets.  This makes them realise that they are an important part of the future of the Royal British Legion which is essential for the future.

The ceremony at the War Memorial is followed by a service at St Peter's Church.

We are very lucky in Sheringham to have a beautiful War Memorial, the upkeep of which is shared with the local council.  Here are just a few photographs of our memorial.

The Memorial Cross to the men and women of Sheringham and Beeston Regis who lost their lives during the wars, was unveiled on 1st January 1921.

The Memorial is the work of Herbert Palmer, it is 26 feet high and made of Clipsham Stone in the style of Queen Eleanor.

In 2000 the damaged memorial was repaired and a new fence erected, designed and made by local craftsmen.  It is backed by well maintained gardens and is one of the most pleasant in Britain.  Situated in the centre reservation of a roundabout on a peaceful road leading to the sea, the war memorial and gardens provide a peaceful haven to sit and reflect.

The people whose names are listed on the War Memorial are detailed below.  Do you know any of them?  Can you tell us a little bit about them?  We would love to be able to put some information on site and maybe photographs to ensure that these good people are not merely names, but bring them to life as the real people that they were.   If you can help us, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.  If the name is underlined, click on it and details of that person will appear.


John R Kempson
Sidney L Saul
Douglas Wardleworth - including personal account


Frederick J Applegate
George Dennis
Herbert J Knights
James John Turney
William Jefferson Wilkinson
George Bane
Sidney (Sydney) Dyball
Frederick Augustus Mortimer
Frederick Edward Turney
Victor C Craske
James Funnell
Charles Henry Shepherd
Thomas Watts


William Broughton
A Roy Dyball
Edward Linder
Robert William Sadler
Thereas L Bullen
John F Ford
Robert C Middleton
Cyril Pennefather Watson
Walter William Cooper
William Mortimer Gidney
Walter T. Morris
Charlie Wells


Albert Bayfield - including personal account
Harry V Collings -Aged just 16
Bertie C Dennis
Robert William Fields
Ernely Holsey - including personal account
William Forbes MacDonald
Harry Smith
Reginald Arthur Turner
Bertie White
Matthew J Brown
Richard Christopher Cox
George R Dennis - M.M.
William Astley Fields
Richard Houghton
Harold Harris Rogers
Joseph Tee
William Wells West
Harry Wilson
Walter Chastney
Horace Creasey
Alfred E Ellis
Cecil Fox
George William Knights
Charles Pearson Sadler
Albert E Tooley
Robert C West
Christopher Woodhouse


Arthur C Bird - Memorial in St Peter's Church
Michael Canty
George Day
John Henry Dumble
Gordon Charles Loades
Thomas Morris - Coastguard
Ralph Eric Winn
William Bennett Bishop
Godfrey Burton Cook
William B Dennis
Harold Edmund Hartt
Edward Long
Charles E Pegg
T Reginald Bullen - Memorial in St Peter's Church
Bertie J Cooper
Frederick Duffield
George Hawksley
Richard Arthur Mack M.M.
Mervyn H W Trendell


A G Bumfrey Lee

1939 – 1945

Charles B Bensley
Stanley A Craske
Patrick A C Everitt
Oliver A Finchman
E P Wentworth Dillon
Raymond P Goward
Jack Grice
Claude Houghton
Peter S H Osborn
Charles Ireland
George T Page
Geoffrey W Steward
Charles Grice
George C Bernard-Smith
John R Creasey
Harry Farrow
D Lech Barratt
Frederick Fitch
Sidney C Graveling
Margaret Grice
William R Howes
David H Fletcher
Edgar Jenkinson
Frederick Reynolds
James W Tuck
Frederick C L Lennard
John R Bush
Roydon W Duffield
Raymond Fields
Mark Bucknall
John A C Fitch
Robert B Greenacre
Walter W Harries
John Hyslop
Kenneth F Inch
Joseph Lenton
Ernest J Sayer
Ernest Websdale
Benjamin F Reynolds

If you have any information or photographs for anyone on the above list, I would be delighted if you would allow us to put them on this site.